Customer Comments

IMG_2185Customer Feedback:

on a trip to Alpujarras May 14

Great few days, lots of laughs and well organised.- David and Helen

Wonderful organisation, excellent food and great company. – Sue

Alpujarras spectacular.. accomodation excellent… ham tasting in Trevelez  wonderful

on a trip to San Sebastian May 14

Elegant beautiful San sebastian…Excellent and enjoyable – David and Carol

Wonderful San Sebastian.. super organisation….very pleasurable trip – Chris


on a trip to San Sebastian June 2013

Smashing trip…lunch at Sarria outstanding.. pintxos bar you took us to must be the best in the whole world! –  Mike and Rita

Loved San sebastian …top notch food.. wondrful company. – David and Helen

We had a ball… wineries fantastic..San Sebastian gorgeous and great company. – Helen and Nick

Super trip.. fantastic lunches and exotic tapas. Maxwell and Sandra

Great company… brilliant trip. Lynda and Andy

On a trip to Antequera April 13

Memorable visit to El Torcal, the lakes and the 7 course tasting menu. Peter and Gillian

We enjoyed every aspect of the trip… fine dining and wines to match Carol and David

Fantastic trip….brilliant leather shop and the 7 couse meal with Javier ( probably the best restaurant I`ve ever been to) – Anne and Jerry

Brilliant.. Tom

Great planning… food anf drinl wev had plenty but only the best 20/20

On a trip To Granada September 12

Super well organised – excellent wines, food and company. Mike and Angie

Friday night dining outside with  fabulous views of the Alhambra.. –  Alhambra the next day was sublime. The evening taps  with the locals made a great day. Mike and Rita

These trips are as far away from conventional package trips as you can get… fabulous food, great wines with expert guidance…best aspect great company and fantastic hosts. David and Helen

Hugely enjoyable… great variety of restaurants and a super group of fellow travellers. Beryl and Geoff

On a trip to Sete April12

Delightful trip to mas de daumas gassac and dining on cassoulet in  the its original home. -Bob

Excellent seafood which was my forte. Cindy

On the trip to Jerez Oct 11

The visit to Bodega Fernando de Castilla was magical. Jerez is smashing – Mike and Rita

Jan`s enthusiasm for his sherries and matching with food was a joy- Beryl and Geoff

Highlights were the sherry bodega and the 7 course tasting menu in Campillos and the fantastic company – Sue

Great welcome lunch at casa Booth –  standout sherry tasting –  and al fresco dinner followed by a nightclub.- Bob

These are comments from our customers on a guided tour around Antequera:

… we enjoyed…cheerful atmosphere,perfect programme and the wine Beryl & Geoff

…lunch at your house with the shared plates… great idea…good way to meet fellow guests… dinner in the private dining room set a high standard…lunch at ham and cheese shop brilliant Dorothy & Gerard

… hard to know where to start, but the whole thing has been brilliant… your careful preparation, attention to detail and your local knowledge… if you were on Trip Advisor, I would give you a top 5 star rating and would unhesitatingly recommend you to a friend. Mark & Tracy

… Excellent trip… 10/10 for the wine, ham and cheese tasting Bob & Beryl

… Many thanks for organising such a sumptuous extravaganza… the food, wine and company could not be bettered. Chris

… Every place you chose was excellent…really enjoyable and memorable weekend which would not have been possible without all your efforts, hard work and pre planning Sue

On the guided touring holiday to Arcos de la Frontera & Seville March 2011:

…thanks for a brilliant few days… really enjoyable.. fabulous drink and food (especially the Sunday lunch tasting menu, wonderful a real highlight.. interesting off the beaten track itinerary.. we recommend the experience to others and will book ourselves again. David & Helen

…Gorgeous, food was wonderful, the tasting menu was a highlight, if i pop on the plane at least you will know i was very happy.Sandra & Maxwell

Another great weekend, delicious food and wine on the tasting menu…spectacular scenery, rolling hills and rolling outcrops… great job. Mark & Tracy

Obviously the tasting menu was a highlight, not just of the holiday, but of eating out generally over the last couple of years. Seville is a fabulous city and we were pleasantly surprised by Malaga. Mike & Rita

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the real Spain.. the views from Arcos, Sunday lunch a highlight, though all the meals have been good.Many thanks for all your efforts and the attention to detail which made everything run so smoothly. Lynda & Andy

On the trip to Antequera June 2011:

Fantastic long weekend, all done at a pleasant leisurely pace. The absolute highlight was the tasting menu but the ham and cheese tasting ran it a close second. …It was absolutely stressfree. Alison & Stuart

A well organised tour visiting some fabulous places. Particularly enjoyed the ham and cheese afternoon plus the drive to El Chorro and the lake. Chris & Sue
…it feels like a boutique gourmet and fine wine special tour.. very intimate but with flexibility to do what you want to do, Bob

As you can read, our all-inclusive guided tours are ideal for single, couples, small groups of older people / pensioners / retirees.